Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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If you are experiencing different challenges, struggles, and health issues as you get older, we can help. Our team of health and wellness specialists are known for helping people feel their very best. We provide a wide range of treatment options that not only provide you with a refreshed appearance that makes you feel more youthful inside and out, but to also help you regain your confidence and achieve your wellness goals.

Just because the calendar has turned another year doesn’t mean you have to look or feel older. Look and feel younger with our safe, highly effective anti-aging treatments.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Now offering Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement! Hormone levels continue to decrease after age 30. The days of growing old gracefully are over. Fight the sands of time with customized treatment plans to help you feel younger, revitalized, and energetic. Responsible for your mood, and energy level, unbalanced hormone levels can leave you feeling tired, sad, or generally unwell.

Utilize natural hormone therapy to restore optimal health and vitality. If you aren’t feeling like yourself, Dr. Sharp, offers hormone assessment and replacement therapy treatments at Apex Health Clinic. Call the Seminole, Florida, clinic today or book a consultation online.


Do you often feel run down and tired, even when you eat well, exercise, and get plenty of rest? There may be more to it than you just getting older. Low testosterone (low T) is a common medical problem in men that often goes undiagnosed. In fact, low T affects nearly 40% of men over the age of 45. Extreme and persistent fatigue is often just the first sign of low T. Other symptoms may include:


Starting at age 30, a man’s body gradually produces less testosterone – approximately 1% less per year – for the rest of his life. However, there are other potential causes of low T, as well, including:

There is help available for low T, but before you tackle the problem, you need to get a definite diagnosis from a qualified physician, like the ones at Apex Clinic for Men.