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Erectile Dysfunction

Incomplete erections can lead to frustration and embarrassment in the bedroom. Often men suffer blaming stress, distractions, or just not feeling as interested as they once were, many men suffer in silence fearing they may never achieve and maintain a full erection.

ED is NOT a normal part of aging!!

At Apex Health, Dr. Sharp has several treatment options available for men with symptomatic ED.

You're Not Alone

The worldwide prevalence of erectile dysfunction is expected to increase to 322 million men by 2025.

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Causes of ED

Often, Erectile Dysfunction is found to be a combination of events resulting in incomplete erections. Both Psychological (ex. stress, performance anxiety, low sex drive) and Physiological conditions (ex. adequate blood flow, hormone levels, Pyronine’s condition of curved painful erections, weight gain) are examined to ensure all causes are identified and corrected so you can get back the confidence to enjoy sex again.

Erection Problems? WE CAN HELP!

Take the frustration and embarrassment out of your life and restore the pleasure, sense of wellness, and confidence as a man in the most natural way possible! At Apex Health, we offer treatment for a variety of men’s health issues that can help you heal and renew your sexual stamina safely. At Apex Health, Dr. Sharp begins with talking to you about your concerns and addresses both immediate and long term goals to get you back to feeling like the man you know that you are. Initially, labs & diagnostic ultrasound may be used to identify the exact cause of your erectile dysfunction. Once the cause of your ED is identified, Dr. Sharp will review the treatment options and plan of care to address the root cause of the problem. At Apex Health we offer a wide range of medical and natural treatment options including oral medications, male hormone optimization, injection therapies, shockwave therapy, and rehabilitation.