Erectile Dysfunction

Incomplete erections can lead to frustration and embarrassment in the bedroom. Often blaming stress, distractions, or just not feeling as interested as they once were, many men suffer in silence fearing they may never achieve and maintain a full erection. ED is NOT a normal part of aging!! At Apex Health, Dr. Sharp has several treatment options available for men with symptomatic ED.

Causes of ED

Often, Erectile Dysfunction is found to be a combination of events resulting in incomplete erections. Both Psychological (ex. stress, performance anxiety, low sex drive) and Physiological conditions (ex. adequate blood flow, hormone levels, Pyronine’s condition of curved painful erections, weight gain) are examined to ensure all causes are identified and corrected so you can get back the confidence to enjoy sex again.

What to Expect

At Apex Health, Dr. Sharp begins with talking with you about your concerns and addresses
both immediate and long term goals to get you back to feeling like the manly stud muffin
you know you are. Initially Ultrasound is done alone the penis to verify adequate blood flow.
Hormone levels are checked, and replacement therapy is ordered as indicated to help jump
start your body by providing the behind-the-scenes magic to support a full erection. Low
testosterone (low T) is a common medical problem in men that often goes undiagnosed.
In fact, low T affects nearly 40% of men over the age of 45.

Weight loss programs are available as well to men wanting to upgrade their hard-earned
Dad Bod for a healthier, tighter Physique.


Starting at age 30, a man’s body gradually produces less testosterone – approximately 1% less per year – for the rest of his life. However, there are other potential causes of low T, as well, including:
There is help available for low T, but before you tackle the problem, you need to get a definite diagnosis from a qualified physician, like the ones at Apex Clinic for Men.

Hormones Q & A

Hormones are a type of messenger chemical in your body that regulate your habits and functions. You produce many types of hormones that work together to keep your system balanced and functioning properly. Hormones that may sound familiar to you include:

  • Adrenaline (gives you energy)
  • Human growth hormone (HGH) (helps you grow properly and preserves your muscle tissue)
  • Insulin (regulates your blood sugar)
  • Estrogen (one of two female sex hormones)
  • Testosterone (male sex hormone)
  • Serotonin (stabilizes your mood)
  • Thyroid hormones (regulate your metabolism)
  • Cortisol (helps you handle stress and mood changes)
  • DHEA (boosts testosterone and estrogen production)

These are just a few of the many hormones that your body produces naturally.
Your body’s ability to produce adequate amounts of certain hormones deteriorates as you age. For women, menopause is the time in your life when you stop producing estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. The lack of hormones can make you feel off-balance or moody and often comes with symptoms like hot flashes.

Men experience andropause when their hormone levels drop. Common symptoms for men often include low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, lack of motivation, loss of muscle mass, and weight gain.
Dr. Sharp understands the difficulties of changing bodies and hormone levels. To combat your symptoms, he offers several hormone replacement therapy options:
Bioidentical hormones are artificial hormones that mimic the ones in your body. Men and women can be treated with bioidentical estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.
During pellet therapy, Dr. Sharp places plant-based hormone pellets under your skin to release small doses of the hormones you need over time.